CANSA care, support, guidance & advice to all affected by cancer.

For each person diagnosed, cancer is a unique experience. No two people will travel the same journey during and after cancer treatment. How people cope when diagnosed, during or after treatment (or even when in remission), is different for each individual. One common thread in all people with cancer, is the need for a good […]

The voice of CANSA

The purpose and mission of Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), as a non-profit leader in cancer support is to “enable research with regards to lowering cancer risk, educating the public regarding symptoms and risk reduction, and providing care and support to all people affected by cancer,” in a unique integrated way. As a leading […]

Who is challenging who?

Time to dust off the summer sands and get focused on lifting the winter blues on cancer by raising much needed funds that CANSA uses to support our community.  Sign up your big brand team now and challenge your competitors to join the march on cancer as we cycle and run for someone else’s life.  […]

CANSA TLC Programme supports early detection of child & teen cancers

In South Africa up to half of children are misdiagnosed or never diagnosed with cancer, largely due to a lack of knowledge about the symptoms of childhood cancer, early detection could be saving many more lives.  CANSA’s Tough Living with Cancer (TLC) Programme is key to supporting better survival rates as they focus on “raising […]

CANSA supports over 25 Research projects at a time

Did you know that CANSA spends around R7 million each year on research to help our country in the battle against this complex life-threatening disease; and that all this research supports their Watchdog role and underpins all their health programs? 100% donor funded this research continually supports the realignment of their “advocacy focus” and strengthens […]

Breyton Paulse & Ricky Schroeder supporting Fit4Good CANSA fundraisers

Springbok rugby legend, Breyton Paulse and ex-Lions rugby player Ricky Schroeder chat about the Fit4Good Challenge and why they support these fitness focused fundraisers for CANSA on the Expresso Show.

Lucy Balona – 100% of funds raised for CANSA

The 4th of February marked World Cancer Day and in celebration of the fight against this life threatening disease the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) is calling on the public to get healthy and fit by getting involved in their Fit4Good campaign. Intl Spokesperson for the Cancer Association of South Africa Lucy Balona joined […]

5 convenient and healthy breakfasts

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but where does one find the time to make food and then still eat it? It’s a struggle to mix convenience and healthy foods because either convenient food is unhealthy, or healthy food takes too long to cook. It would be great if we could have […]

Running Fitness

There is no better feeling than being on top of your holiday tubs, feeling the freedom of your body’s movement, living the exhilaration that fitness brings.  Why not take a refreshing run and enjoy an activity that is fun and free. One You can do it anywhere. You aren’t limited to a gym. When you go […]

Fitness with a mission

Fit4Good is a sports fundraising initiative developed by CSM Active, a division of CSM Sport & Entertainment SA to support and raise funds for registered non-profit organisations.  As an active lifestyle business offering sports marketing and event management, CSM Active is a business with a simple mission – to deliver outstanding events and experiences that […]