Running Fitness

There is no better feeling than being on top of your holiday tubs, feeling the freedom of your body’s movement, living the exhilaration that fitness brings.  Why not take a refreshing run and enjoy an activity that is fun and free.


You can do it anywhere. You aren’t limited to a gym. When you go on holiday, there’s nothing stopping you from running there too. It gives you the opportunity to explore and discover.


The running community is friendly, and there is a great camaraderie on the roads. Runners greet each other and cheer each other on at races.


It isn’t expensive. You don’t need to spend a fortune to run – all you need is a pair of shoes, and the rest of the fancy equipment is a ‘nice to have’’.


It gives you alone time. You have time to process your thoughts, listen to your music, and just ‘be’.


Running is a great way to burn calories. It is possible to burn around 800 calories after an hour of running (depending, of course, on your resting metabolism, energy expenditure).


Running can be done all year, as long as you know how to dress appropriately for the changing seasons.


There are limitless health benefits. Running just one hour a week can reduce your heart disease risk by half, compared to non-runners. Being active, reduces your risk of colon cancer, and women who run can reportedly reduce their risk of breast cancer by 30%. Runners remain active longer, and are also known to live longer than their non-active counterparts.


We were born to do it. It is part of our primal instinct – our ancestors survived by outrunning prey over long distances.


You can set achievable goals with every run – perhaps you want to reach your longest distance yet, or run your fastest kilometer. You may even have a goal of running a marathon. These are easily achievable if you simply put in the time to train.


It is good for the mind and soul. Running will help you relax as it de-stresses you, it will provide you with a boost of energy and it will improve your self-esteem.

10 steps supplied by Fit4Good Planet Fitness Cancer Challenge 2019 affiliate partner Planet Fitness.