5 convenient and healthy breakfasts

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but where does one find the time to make food and then still eat it? It’s a struggle to mix convenience and healthy foods because either convenient food is unhealthy, or healthy food takes too long to cook. It would be great if we could have breakfast foods that are snappy to make but are wholesome as well. HealthChef may just have the answer, with these 5 healthy and convenient breakfast meals.

Healthy Easy-to-Make Protein Banana Oatmeal Flapjacks

These are a great breakfast to have, but can also double as a delicious post-workout meal. Providing the perfect amounts of carbohydrates to kick-start your day, coming from the oatmeal, honey, and banana. Stevia and honey have been added to make this oh-so-sweet without being harmful to your blood sugar levels. There is a small amount of dietary fats from the egg yolk, but it also packed full of protein from the eggs and whey protein, giving you everything you need for a busy day.

It only takes 5 minutes to prep, 10 minutes to cook a batch, and you get 8 flapjacks out of it. No time at all, and you can even prep over night to just reheat in the morning, or enjoy them cold.

Nutritionals per serving (1 flapjack):

  •     52 calories
  •     8g protein
  •     4g total carbohydrates
  •     9g total fat

Easy Healthy Blueberry Protein Pancake Recipe

A pancake is a variation of flapjack, but is generally a little thicker, and bigger, although it is worth noting that what we as South Africans call pancakes, is actually a crepe. This pancake recipe (resembling the American diner pancakes) will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day. Packing a great carb source to get you going, along with a high fibre, high protein, and essential fats as well. The Greek yoghurt and whey protein deliver great protein, fats, and a delicious taste.

They will only take you 5 minutes to prep, 15 minutes to cook, and you get 4 pancakes out of each batch, each with 16g of protein.

Nutritionals per single pancake:

  •     334 calories
  •     16g protein
  •     35g total carbohydrates
  •     8g total fat

Ham and Cheese Breakfast Omelette Recipe

This the perfect way to kick start your day and your metabolism. This may take a little while longer to cook, so this is the perfect treat for a Saturday and Sunday morning, allowing you to really enjoy it. The great part of this recipe, aside from being rich in protein and fats, is that you can incorporate your favourite veggies into it to really make it personal.

This will take you about 5 minutes to prep, 25 minutes to cook, and you get 2 servings out of it.

Nutritionals per serving (1/2 an omelette):

  •     381 calories
  •     8g protein
  •     2g total carbohydrates
  •     2g total fats

Gluten-Free High-Protein Vegan Pancakes

Something for our vegan friends as well. This is a great way of getting that protein in when you wake up. This delicious, low-carb, high-protein, vegan pancake breakfast will start your day off right, without sacrificing on taste, and they are even gluten-free!

These will take you 30 minutes to cook, and yields roughly 3 pancakes.

Nutritionals per serving:

  •     225 calories
  •     12g protein
  •     6g total carbohydrates
  •     3g total fat

Gluten-free Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Breakfast

This is the perfect blend between wholesome, filling breakfast with sweet and exotic tastes as well. Best of all, it is high in protein, and comprises of complex carbohydrates, so that you will be satiated for a long time while being super convenient.

This will take up 20 minutes of cooking time, and provides 2 bowls.

Nutritionals per serving:

  •     377 calories
  •     4g protein
  •     63g total carbohydrates
  •     12g total fat

These are 5 super easy, convenient, and delicious ways of never skipping breakfast again.

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